Transfer your data to another application or service for each action triggered in table using webhooks

Fireapis allows your to configure webhooks for create, update and delete record in a table and this event can be configured as seperate webhooks also.

Creating Webhooks

  1. Go to Webhooks table in tables section, Click Create which opens create webhook popup

  1. Now Enter name of webhook,

  2. Enter target url for which request will be made along with data

  3. Select the table from the list for which you need the webhooks to be triggered

  4. Select the action (created, updated and deleted) based on this webhook request will be made to target url.

  5. On clicking create button, You can see the webhooks has been created and listed in the user interface

Testing webhooks

  1. Click the test button of any one webhook under webhooks listing.

  1. Now test webhook popup opens.

  2. Select your action and click Send button.

  3. Now you will see the event gets received in the target url, if target url is valid and working.

Test webhook popup working

Above video demonstates about the working of test webhook popup and how you can test your webhooks url is receiving the event from fireapis.

Updating Webhook

  1. Click any one webhook which you want to update

  1. Now you will see the Update webhook popup, where you can edit the required details and update it.

Deleting a webhook

Deleting a webhook is simple , here is the image which explains deleting webhook

Realtime testing of webhooks

Below is the video which demonstrates how webhooks gets triggered in real time while using endpoint on various action performed in table

Video of real time testing of webhooks

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