Manage individual backend for businesses

As we have seen the basics of environment, there is a list of sections you can manage using environment.


Section where you can create, manage different tables thats needed for your buiness. Here. We will go deeper into in tables section.


Section which gives you more power to build complicated business logics using simple UI which needs little bit of learning curve. You can find more about logics here.


Webhooks will be useful when you want to transfer the data to anyother service or to external API which can be done using webhooks. You can see more about webhooks here.


Section where you can integrate the third-party integrations like airtable, notion, stripe, etc. where you can pull data from them or push data to it using APIs given by them.


Every request made into environment will be logged here, You can see the request is success or failure and few more details like ip, time and their response time and size. Learn more

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