Creating table

Fireapis provides simple interfaces to create tables and reduces your learning curve on it.

Here's how to create a table using fireapis

  1. Go to tables tab inside an environment.

  1. Click the Create, create table popup comes on right side.

  1. Above we have a video on how to create a table with basic field. You can find more on creating table with different field types in our blog section or in showcases section.

  2. Once you've created the table. This wont actually creates the table in actual DB. One more steps is needed to complete for creation of table in your real database.

  3. After you've completed all your tables creation in the environment, now you need to run Migrate changes which actually creates or modifies your table accordingly. Refer below images.

  1. Click Migrate in Migrate popup UI, which then actually creates or updates the table in real database.

Next section we will go over on testing the tables with precreated endpoints.

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