Fireapis have the functionality where you can add other service integration and use them

If you want to connect airtable and use for your backend like getting data or storing data in airtable, you can do in fireapis easily by adding and connecting the marketplace

Currently we have few marketplace listed in our application:

  1. Stripe

  2. Fusioo

  3. Airtable

  4. Notion

  5. Google Sheets

For more integration, you have to contact us through chat or email at

Any new marketplace needed can be added a day after confirmation of your request from us.

Add Marketplace integration

  1. Go to marketplace tab and click Create button, which opens the marketplace list popup

  2. Select the marketplace you need, you will be seeing marketplace gets added in marketplace listing

  1. After connecting your marketplace credentials you can start using those endpoints.

Connecting marketplace

Before connecting you marketplace list will be in Not verified status.

  1. Click Connect button on the marketplace whihc you are going to authenticate

  1. Now you will see the steps on how to authenticate your marketplace. There are two types of verfication of marketplace can be done in fireapis:

    1. Api key or personal toke based authentication In this type you need to create a personal token on your marketplace site likt airtable or notion and need to update it here

    2. OAuth based authentication In this type you don't need to any on your marketplace site, you have to give your consent on oauth confirmation modal Upon confirmation we will recieved a access token from your marketplace site for your account, where you can start using endpoints of those marketplace

    Mostly of the marketplaces will have OAuth based authentication which you dont want to take any action apart from giving your consent.

  2. Once step 2 is done correctly then you will start seeing Verified status in the marketplace list.

Next step is to test your credentials by testing any of the marketplace endpoint.

Testing marketplace

Testing your marketplace will need some knowledge of your marketplace integrator API usage

For example, if you're testing your airtable marketplace integration then you need few things like base_id and table_id this can be found on their docs.

After sometime we have planned to update those details on our docs.

  1. Click Test button in the marketplace which you want to test.

  2. Now you can see the test popup opens up with the list of endpoints that belongs to that marketplace

  1. The above image contains only one endpoints, but in you account you can see more

Please reach out us via chat or email, if you have any details on how to find your details from other third party application or service like airtable or notion.

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