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With No-code backend


Fireapis can be used to create a scalable backend for your products in a few minutes. We are building fireapis to solve your timing, costing, scalability on the backend for your amazing product. You don't need in-depth knowledge about the backend as we trying to build our UI to build your backend as simple as possible

You can create APIs, Webhooks, Thirdy party integration (Stripe, Airtable, etc.,) without touching a single line of code.

  1. Serverless

  2. Python (APIs)

  3. React.JS (Our Application)

  4. Node JS (For third party APIs and other background processes)

  5. Gatsby (Our website)

  6. Postgres (Storing indexed data)

  7. Cassandra (Storing Audits)

  8. AWS as Cloud provider

  9. AWS Fargate

  10. AWS SNS

  11. AWS SQS

Moving on

All good? Let's explore some of the main fireapis concepts, starting with Environments

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