Build custom or complicated business use case using logics feature in fireapis

We have released only beta version of logics. We will be releasing a version by version in upcoming weeks.

  1. Query builder actions

  2. If Condirtions

  3. Data transformation action (for loop, map loop)

  4. Math operation action

  5. Constants declaring action

  6. Utils action (like generating random number or ids, etc.,)

We will keep updating the logics docs periodically to make it simplified

In Fireapis , Logics is needed when you have complicated usecase where you are not able to achieve it through endpoints, then you can create list of actions which collectively exectues as an logics

You can get the result output from one action to next action, this will be useful in real case like

Action- 1 : You are making Api request to another URL, which gives you a list of data

Action- 2: You can transform your data from the response you got from action1

Action - 3: Then you can query builder action to update those data into our DB

So the above case is a simple case. We are making upgrades to make this logics as simple as possible to solve the complicated use case with simple user interface using fireapis.

If you have feedbacks on beta version of fireapis, Please write a email or give your feedback in support chat.

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