Configure Domain

Configure your own domain for environment

When you created a environment that comes with fireapis domain by default, for ex:, now using this section you can configure your own domain like for ex: With that configuration all the requests you make can be made through your own domain configured in that environment

Even if you have your own domain, the domain which comes with your environment by default(ex: your can be also be used.

Steps for configuring a custom domain:

  1. Click the three dots on left side of your selected environment under environment list.

  1. Now you can see Configure domain popup

  1. In popup, give your own domain which needs to be in a format of subdomain, For ex:

  2. Dont use the your domain like for ex: or, always try to use or * , * represent you can place your custom name. Read more about the best pratices on domain configuration for your backend.

  3. Once you save your configuration, Now few things needs to done on our side in your DNS provider. Steps will be also be there in the Popup UI itself refer below image.

  1. Open your DNS provider (Cloudfare, Route53, GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.,). Add the CNAME value with the name and values that is provided in popup ui exactly in your DNS provider.

  2. Once your have added, it can take few minutes to few hours(sometimes). Till that you will be seeing NOT VERIFIED in your Domain popup.

You wil have to get the SSL certificate for your own domain. For default sub domain for ex: will come with SSL certificates provided by Fireapis.

Our Server throws errors for http:// protocol. Please use https:// protocol where agian https:// protocol always needs a SSL certificates. You can lean more in getting SSL certificates.

  1. To verify you domain configuration is working fine, we have to do it manually by clicking the Verify Connectivity button thats in popup UI,

  2. If its Verified, then UI will show VERIFIED status in your domain popup ui.

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