Testing tables

Fireapis allows you test your tables with pre-created endpoints with an interactive user interface.

Once you created a table and migrated it, you can test your tables like creating, updating, deleting and listing the records from the specified table

Here's on how you can test your tables:

  1. Click the table which you want test.

  1. You will see Test button in table view, refer above image, Click Test button which opens test ui popup.

  1. Refer above image where you can test different endpoints that is precreated by fireapis.In above example we took post endpoint which add new record into your db whatever you give input.

  1. In above image, we can see the response of the POST api call. You can find more about the test user interface here.

In POST Api call you dont need to pass id which is a primary column type, where fireapis assigns the primary key by default as unique value. Learn more about different endpoints in fireapis.

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