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CRUD operations

Action type used to make crud operations for API Resource
This action type can be used to make CRUD operation for API Resource.
CRUD operation
Select resource
Select the API Resource
Select request action
Select the request actions that are pre-configured for the selected API Resource
Return as
A string value that contains the processed result of this action
There are some configuration needs to be configured that are explained below:
This configuration is for get a API resource using its primary key, so it can also have source that can be a constant or can be taken from function payload. Refer below screenshot
Function payload configurations
In the above screenshot, id is configured to take from the payload, where if our function is a POST request with a below JSON as payload
} represents the path from which value can be taken, Now the id value will be 2.
In this action, if we need to configure a value to be taken from a JSON, we can give it as a key separated with ".". Below is the example
JSON: {"user":"name":"fireapis"}
If we need the name key value to be mapped, then the path will be