Environment Authentication

Descibes briefly about the authentication done on accessing your environment

All your datas are secured which cannot be accessed without your environment client JWT token. Fireapis will provide you each environment with a client JWT token. Your environment can be added with two types of authetication.

  • Client JWT Token

  • Authorization Token

Client JWT Token

This token is a basic authentication token for environment which will be used to authenticate for accessing your data through API endpoints. If you're trying to consume your APIs without this token or without a valid token then APIs . In every API endpoint you will need to pass it in headers as X-CLIENT-TOKEN .

Authorization Token

This token can be a token with a user specific. For eg: If we integrate a Fireapis Authentication (login/signup flow) APIs from marketplace, then when you register a user you will be provided with refresh token and access_token, and userid. Access token can be added in every API request as headers Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}} X-AUTH-ID: {{user_id}}

By this way you can add more authentication to your APIs that a user on your environment is a valid user who has access token

Even if you use Authorization Token as a authentication for your environment ,you still need to add Client token in your request.

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