Creating APIs

Explanation on how an API can be created

You provide us with the basic information for your API, we will create CRUD and special filtering endpoints for all your fields automatically.

The first step structure API JSON (Fields), so that will be easy to create APIs as per the JSON For eg: Here we take Perfume as an API resource which will be having below fields:

  "id": primary_key,
  "name": string,
  "description": string as optional,
  "amount": integer,
  "createdOn": auto-create time stamp when a new record is created,
  "updatedOn": auto-update time stamp when an update happens in a particular record
  1. Now we have to select the environment for which we are going to add this API.

  2. Click Add API which opens an Add API modal, in that modal we will have the option to provide our name, base URL and field types for an API Resource.

  3. In our case, we are giving Perfume as name, /perfume and on clicking Add field will have options to add fields with different types and their configuration like optional, auto-create timestamp, auto-update timestamp, etc..,

  4. After adding our fields, we can click create API which creates your API with CRUD endpoints along with specialized filter endpoints

All your APIs will have id as the primary key by default, but in case you need a primary key with a different name then you can select the primary key as field type which overrides the default

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